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“… but grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory now and forever. Amen.”
~ 2 Peter 3:18

First Baptist School of Laurel exists to support Christian families in the education of the children and we take this verse seriously. It is applied to all parts of the educational process so that our graduating students will enter the world as strong and confident individuals. The curriculum used at FBSL is designed to provide your child with a solid academic foundation including a strong Bible emphasis not found at other private or public institutions. Many of our students test at a higher grade level and find great success as they graduate on to other private and public education. Education is a partnership between the parents, students, teachers, and faculty. Let us partner with you and provide your child with the best education and the peace of mind found in a Christian learning environment. First Baptist School of Laurel is also a Maryland State Approved Nonpublic School.

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First Baptist School of Laurel prides itself on its small class sizes. We try to keep the student to teacher ratio at no more than 18:1 in elementary school. In Kindergarten 3 – 5, we try keep it at 10:1 as all of our Kindergarten classes have a teacher’s assistant.

FBSL closes for inclement weather in accordance with Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS).

First Baptist School of Laurel is  a Maryland State Approved Nonpublic School.

Our Kindergarten 3 and 4 programs include Bible, number and letter recognition, phonics, arithmetic, crafts, and directed play. The Kindergarten 5 curriculum is an advanced approach toward first grade readiness.
The elementary curriculum follows the basic scope and sequence typical of normal instruction. However, First Baptist School’s curriculum is Bible-centered. There is comprehensive phonics approach to reading as well as a math program that balances traditional and modern math.
The middle school follows the regular curriculum for these levels, while offering a Biblical emphasis. In addition it provides for caring for the spiritual well-being of each student.

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Parent Testimonials.

Middle School Parent Testimonial:

"First Baptist School of Laurel has been the only school my son has known. Ryan has attended FBSL since Kindergarten and now will be entering the 8th grade. It’s a bitter sweet feeling that this will be his last year. The school has evolved over the years with new teachers and new students which makes FBSL a wonderful place to send your children. Even though over the years FBSL has had some changes with staff coming and going, this has never stopped FBSL from making sure the children received the best education, Christian teaching, and care from all of their Staff. The different cultures and beautiful faces of each student is such a delightful vision. Eventually, each teacher will know your child by name since your child will most likely have them as a teacher one day and to me that’s a good feeling. FBSL not only teaches the schools curriculum, but they also incorporate the Christian faith, and how to apply this to your child’s everyday life. My son has learned so much from each of his teachers and has been doing very well. With the class sizes being the sizes they are; it was much easier for my son to receive the attention he needed while in Elementary School, which better prepared him for Middle School. Ryan has really developed a great bond with most of the teachers and I am sure when he leaves this connection will continue (as it has with the other students who have graduated and moved on). FBSL also does a great job with informing the parents of any updates or changes for programs, school closings due to bad weather, and any other news the parents needs to be aware of. I personally love the teachers and staff at First Baptist and if I had to choose a Christian school all over again it would be here." - Vickie Schofield

Elementary School Parent Testimonial:

"Before I decided to enroll my twin sons John and Joshua at FBSL, I was looking for a school in Laurel that would teach them Christian values that Pam and I believe in and strong on academics. I was also looking for a school where the classroom size was small in terms of students to teachers, I wanted John to Joshua to get additional time with their school work from their teachers. I spoke to my neighbors in Laurel, and they all said that FBSL would be the perfect place for my children. Glad to let you know that after a full year completed by my sons at FBSL, I’m very happy with the progress that my wife and I were looking for from my sons in academics and values. Mr. Gall and his staff, especially Miss. Gerstmyer, Miss. Rosa, John and Joshua’s Pre K 4 teachers were just wonderful, they took care of John and Joshua in their development all through the year. John and Joshua also attended Summer Camp this year at FBSL, they had a blast. Their teachers were just wonderful. John and Joshua had weekly activities on their schedules, they got back home tired and that’s exactly what Pam and I wanted." - Sudhakar Inbaraj

First Baptist School of Laurel uses FACTS as our tuition management system and RenWeb as our entire school’s management system. Below you will find the links to quickly connect to either systems.

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Applying is easy using our Online Application. We encourage families to apply online as it simplifies submission and provides parents a tool for tracking online the status of their admission after their application has been submitted.